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Who Inspires Me

The person who inspires me is my older brother his name is Gheyath “G” and  he is 19 years old. He always tells and shows me the right thing to do. He’s a football player and I always love to take his advice. i miss my brother going to school with me because he was […]

The TTMaSA Experience

The experience at Donnelly’s TTMaSA program was very thrilling. I enjoyed the first day a lot because everything was just getting started and was easy. Everyone got the chance to introduce themselves to each other. We were introduced to the staff, coordinators, and KDOT. We chose our groups, we also voted on the name for […]

IN TTMASA!!! ^_^

TTMaSA was a great exprience, and I had a great time in TTMaSA. I enjoyed every second of it. I learned a lot of things that I had no idea of. The most imporant thing to me in TTMaSA was that I met new people and learned many things that will help me in my eduational life […]

My Experience At TTmaSA!!!! ^_^

TTMaSA is the greatest program that I have ever been in. It’s my second year at TTmaSA, and I love being there because its not only learning, but you get to see your friends and have fun with them. Before I came to TTMaSA I used to know less about math and technology but now we have this great opportunity to […]