The TTMaSA Experience

The experience at Donnelly’s TTMaSA program was very thrilling. I enjoyed the first day a lot because everything was just getting started and was easy. Everyone got the chance to introduce themselves to each other. We were introduced to the staff, coordinators, and KDOT. We chose our groups, we also voted on the name for […]

Zoom! Zoom! Gone! Future Transportation

Imagine what kinds of transportation we have today versus the ones from the past. There are bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, planes, cars, trucks, SUV’s, 4 wheelers, ATV’s, and scooters. These are the means of transportation for the present. Can you imagine what kinds of technology will be available in the future? I have seen a lot of […]

Future Transportation

Transportation in fifty years will be more important. Transportation will be explored more and people will use it more than they do now. Some people will like to walk to help protect their body from diseases. My children will be happy with the transportation provided in the future. People will use cars more than before. […]

Future Ventures

Half a decade from today, many people are speaking about new methods of transportation involving teleportation, hovercrafts, and the like. However, as advanced as our present technology is, I am well aware of how much capability we have to one day fulfill those expectations, but in my opinion, I believe those thoughts are ludicrous and […]

Who Inspires Me

I was asked who inspires me, but I really haven’t thought about that before. So the word inspiring means someone you look up to, or want to be like. I started thinking who is that perfect person I want to be like? But there are no perfect people. We all make mistakes. The person that inspires me is Waleed. Waleed is my […]

The Inspiring Tale

School has always been a hassle for me to get through. The long work, hours, loud people, and the process of keeping up with teacher. I used to be a school person up until fifth grade ended. This is when all of the responsibility started to be mine and I had to account for everything […]

My Inspiration

People I greatly admire are writers. However, instructional writers do not have nearly as much of an impact on me like creative writers do. When I was younger, I read often and I truly adored the books. Though it was not until a few years ago that I began to grow conscious of the authors, […]

Tabarek Fadhil

Hello, my name is  Tabarek,  I’m going to be a senior at Wyandotte High School. I live in Kansas City, Kansas. I decided to come to  TTMASA program to learn more, have more knowledge, learn new information about the subjects that we are going to take, and get to meet  with other people.

Fatima Alshaikhli

Hey, My name is Fatima, I live in Kansas City, KS. I go to Sumner Academy of Arts and Science. I came to TTMaSA because I want to hang out with my friends, to learn now things, and get some money :).

Kahlil Owens

Hi, My name is Kahlil Owens and I live in Kansas City, Kansas. I came to TTMaSA because I wanted to enjoy my summer and also learn skills and tools I would need in everyday life. Completing my education and staying focus is the only way to achieve my goals to do what ever I want. I […]